Perfect Nanny agency What qualities you have to have

When we do not have time to take care of our children, because we can not reconcile work and family life, then we have to resort to hiring a person to take care of our children.

What qualities does our nannies have?

Our babysitter take care of and protect children while parents are away from home, therefore, it is important that the nanny has adequate training regarding the care required by each child in particular.
Our babysitter knows first aid, to act appropriately in certain emergencies, if the child suffers a blow, if it gets stuck or if it has an allergic reaction.
Among other qualities, we can mention the patience and the handling of the temperament. The nanny is in constant contact with children, so it is important to be tolerant and remain calm in the face of any setback.

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When we are parents, what matters most in the world is the happiness of our children, and they are happy and comfortable with the people they are.

As a result of the incorporation of women into the labor market, more people can reconcile work and family life.
A babysitter is an empathetic person with the little ones, able to achieve good relationships and bonds with the children in charge.
One of the qualities that are usually difficult to find in a nanny refers to the fact that she is a loving but firm person at the same time. Children deserve affectionate and pleasant treatment, but they also need limits and corrections.

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When hiring our babysitter parents should know that they are self-confident and mature, able to handle difficult situations or resolve all types of conflicts.
As we can see, a babysitter must be a responsible and sensible person, capable of complying with the guidelines, schedules, and routines that parents demand about the care of their children. Families demand more and more caregivers with specific training in child care since they will be responsible for educating and instilling values ​​in their absences to the little ones.

What are the characteristics of our excellent nannies?

  • They are affectionate.
  • They are very nice.
  • They have an excellent experience in childcare, and have excellent references and know how to do their job very well.
  • They are patient, organized and responsible.
  • They educate the child according to the guidelines of the parents with whom he must ensure a permanent close bond.
  • They are ordered and disciplined.
  • They have initiative; they like to talk with young people and have imagination. Children want to have fun in their free time and, therefore, the babysitter should know how to choose the perfect moments for the activities they have planned.
  • They can care for a baby if the baby is not yet big enough to be independent. They know how to take it in their arms, how to bathe it, or how much bottle needs in each moment.

We believe that the ideal is to first interview the person who is likely to hire and ask a series of questions about their way of being, their knowledge, asking how they would spend a day with their children, etc.

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